Checklist for children aged 4-6

Learn to make observations and identify dangerous places together. Consider safe ways to act in dangerous and near-miss situations. Children imitate your example! Remember that children acquire attitudes early.

Around the house

Fire safety and electrical equipment

In the yard

Road safety

Water safety

First aid


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Guardians and family members of children,

  • take care of your own coping capability and discuss your concerns with the people close to you and/or at a maternity and child welfare clinic, for example.
  • Pay attention to how you use media and smart devices in front of your child.
  • If you encounter inappropriate material or discourse online, you can report it to the police, for example: nettip
  • If you feel unsafe or encounter violence, call the emergency number 112 or, in non-urgent situations, other helplines, such as Nollalinja on 080 005 005 or the crisis helpline of the Finnish Association for Mental Health on 010 195 202.
  • Learn emergency first aid and make sure that the first aid equipment in your home is up to date! It is important to be able to act immediately in an emergency.