Home Accident Prevention Campaign

Nearly one million Finns are injured every year

More than 600,000 of the 900,000 accidents that happen in Finland every year take place in the home and in leisure activities. The most common accidents are slipping, tripping and falling, which send tens of thousands of Finns to hospital and kill more than one thousand every year. More than 2,000 lives are lost in the home, which is more than five times the number of road deaths.

Fortunately, accidents do not depend on luck. Accidents can be prevented by foreseeing the risks and improving safety at home by various means and protective equipment. Half of those who have been injured in accidents feel that the accident could have been easily avoided.

The Finnish home accident prevention campaign is supported by authorities and organisations who are working to achieve a situation where Finns would not top the accident list in Europe. The campaign has been improving Finns’ leisure time safety for more than a decade now, producing safety material to both the public at large and professionals involved in accident prevention.

There’s safety in numbers – also in accident prevention, at all levels. For example, a fire inspector may notice that an elderly person needs aid equipment in the home, or a home helper may check the functioning of a smoke detector. In this setting, the home accident prevention campaign encourages cooperation between those who work for safety promotion in the field. A case in point is the year’s safety feat contest, a recognition awarded to safety work at field level.